The resources on this page unpack the basic components of ISAs—from key terms to sample student experiences. Download the PDFs and have them on hand for quick review any time.

ISA 101 Video

Note: The minimum income threshold for our program is $3,333.33/month (equivalent to $40,000/year). The Payment Cap is equal to 1.6x the funding amount you receive. To see what an ISA payment experience could look like for you, visit the Student Experience page and contact an advisor.

Entrance Counseling

The Entrance Counseling is your ISA tour guide. Download this PDF for an on-the-go overview of the ISA info you should know.

Fulfilling an ISA

Meet Michael, a student with an ISA, and explore three sample paths to ISA completion.

Financial Fitness Quiz

Before you apply for an ISA, test your knowledge with Triangle’s Financial Fitness Quiz.

Comparison Tool

Use the Comparison Tool to generate sample ISA payment experiences based on your predicted income. Compare these experiences to Parent PLUS and private loan repayment options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Visit Triangle Education Foundation’s ISA FAQs for answers to frequently asked questions like, "Can I prepay my ISA?"

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